What makes Sureslim so successful?

Sureslim is successful because weight comes off and stays off!  The programme is based around three balanced meals a day incorporating quality ingredients from all the food groups namely carbohydrates, proteins and fats. There are no meal replacements bars, soups, shakes or pills just normal food available from supermarkets or shops.  Client’s don’t feel deprived and hungry. Each programme is uniquely tailored to the specific needs of the client according to their blood test results.  No programme is the same.  It is not a ‘one fits all’ approach.  Sureslim also offers their clients one-to-one support with a trained consultant throughout the duration of their contract.   Clients are weighed and measured, in private, on a regular basis. Confidentiality is sacrosanct.

Sureslim also offers ongoing maintenance support and advice on how to keep the weight off. There is access to online support plus recipes. We also hope that after being on the programme our clients will be more educated about food and what constitutes healthy eating.

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