YoYo Dieting?

I know many successful dieters. With each new fad/celebrity diet they consistently end up putting back all the weight lost with added interest?  Why is this? Some of these diets are simply not sustainable.  They can be restrictive and calorie deficient to the detriment of overall health.  We need food for energy and well-being;  both physically and mentally. Calorie restrictive diets will cause the metabolism to slow down, thus hampering weight loss. Some diets do cause weight to drop off dramatically at first.  Sadly what is lost is fluid and protein (muscle), fat stays put.   Ideally the body needs more muscle tissue than fat. Fat is inert and takes up space whereas protein is continually using up energy even at rest.    Loss of fluid is bad too; leading to dehydration, which can put strain on the kidneys.

Sureslim aims at achieving a weight (fat) loss of 10 pounds per month.  Consistent weight loss, at this rate, is not only safe but more likely to stay off long-term.

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